Why can electronic menu boards become the new favorite in the catering industry? Let’s hear what users have to say

With the changing consumer demands, traditional static paper menus are gradually unable to keep up with market development. Goodview Electronics, adhering to the mission of technology "catering" to a smart future, promotes high-definition tabletop screens. It flexibly applies internet technology and electronic self-service terminals to provide customers with a more humane, convenient, and relaxed service experience, thereby increasing sales in the catering industry and allowing customers to enjoy a better experience. 

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 "In this exclusive interview, we spoke with the collaborating brands 'Cha Yiji' and 'You Chao Suan Nai' to see what their experiences have been like after using Goodview's high-definition tabletop screens. Let's take a look together." The brand "Cha Yiji" was founded with the original intention of providing fresh fruit tea with zero burden. It breaks the traditional selection of milk tea and combines it with fresh fruits and traditional tea leaves, innovatively venturing into the field of fruit tea. In just two years since its establishment, Cha Yiji has focused on producing healthy fresh fruit tea. This young brand values digital management and promotes "paperless menus" to solve the troubles caused by paper menus and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement in their stores. User feedback: "What is the usage effect of Goodview's high-definition tabletop screens?" "The usage effect of these high-definition tabletop screens is great.

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 It is very convenient to publish programs on them. You can simply edit templates through the signage cloud software on a computer or smartphone and directly publish them, which saves a lot of time." User feedback: "How does Goodview's high-definition tabletop screen help with customer service in stores?" "This Goodview tabletop screen is really great. It uses IPS commercial display, which provides excellent color display and high brightness. Customers can see the promotional information on it even from a distance, which is very attractive to customers. It's very good and trustworthy!" [You Chao Suan Nai] has expanded from a small shop to over 200 physical stores nationwide. From traditional acrylic signs to digital empowerment, let's see what kind of changes have occurred in their ordering devices." "What is the difference between Goodview's high-definition tabletop screen and traditional menus?" 

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 "In the past, the acrylic menu signs would often be knocked over by customers. Now, with the use of this high-definition tabletop screen, it is very stable on the table, and we no longer have to worry about the menu being knocked over." "Since we started using the high-definition tabletop screen in our store, it has become much more convenient for customers to place orders. It has improved the efficiency of ordering, and it is more aesthetically pleasing and space-saving compared to the traditional tabletop signs. Menu changes are also very quick, as we can remotely publish them through the computer or smartphone app. It greatly improves our menu update efficiency." Technology empowerment is the inevitable path for the intelligent upgrade of the catering industry. Electronic menu screens are continuously penetrating into the catering industry, giving rise to new models and formats. With the empowerment of digital and information technology, Goodview's products continue to innovate and help stores with digital transformation. The digital upgrade of traditional physical stores is also becoming a trend. 

Post time: Sep-18-2023