Store signage cloud,
create a better future for you

Screen Digital management expert

Provide software,
hardware and product publicity
solutions in an integrated manner

The first in China - "Golden Butler" service

17 year
Service experience accumulation
5000 +
Number of national service outlets
100,000 family+
Number of stores covered
1,000,000 tower+
Number of management screens

Manage the screen well
is to manage your business well,

The online celebrity shop is yours

With powerful screen management, you are on your way to running a successful business, becoming the next viral sensation!

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Goodview Cloud is dedicated to assisting you in creating distinctive interfaces for various usage scenarios, unlocking infinite possibilities to attract a larger customer base!

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Goodview Cloud intelligently switches display content for you automatically during different time periods, making your screen management more convenient and efficient!

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Goodview Cloud's unique time and zone division feature enables you to swiftly update various marketing campaigns, ensuring your brand charm continuously captivates customers!

Check store data at any time

Multi-dimensional analysis of store data, thousands of store chains can easily deal with management.

Smart Release Thousands
Stores Have Thousands Appearances

What you see is what you get

With Goodview Cloud's intelligent publishing feature, you can achieve personalized displays for thousands of stores, showcasing the unique charm of your brand in every location!

Different types of stores,
Unified management of
devices status, one-click
release of policies

Multi-platform docking

OTA intelligent upgrade, improve work efficiency

From receiving orders to serving meals, let every data change give full play to its value

Are you feeling overwhelmed and inefficient due to the complexity of multiple platforms and devices after the digital transformation and upgrade of your stores? Goodview Cloud is here to solve this challenge for you by providing a simple and efficient unified management solution!

Queuing screen

The seamless connection of automatic calling and multiple calling templates make the store orderly.

Goodview Cloud seamlessly integrates with automated queue management, offering a variety of queue templates to ensure the orderly operation of your stores, providing your customers with a convenient and efficient service experience!

Flexible exchange of products for climate differences

Based on different climate variations, we flexibly adjust our products, ensuring that you can enjoy the most suitable options in different seasons and regions!

Sold out, removed from shelves, added new menu

Based on different climate variations, we flexibly adjust our products, ensuring that you can enjoy the most suitable options in different seasons and regions!

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Information security is
more reliable

National Information
Security Level

Layer-by-layer encryption audit

Dynamic panel real-
time monitoring
Operational data at a

Avoid personnel misoperation
and traceability of program content

Cloud Patrol Anomaly detection and repair, active offline service

It is possible to view the screen status of all stores in real time. The cloud patrol store saves the operation and maintenance time.

Makes the store light up

Use barrier linkage (joint screen, split screen, synchronization) dynamic creative combination

to attract customers to enter the store for consumption, and quickly select products and place orders

Accurately convey brand tonality · Perfectly unify store image

Illuminate your store with brilliance - through screen linkage (multi-screen, split-screen, synchronization) and dynamic creative combinations, we ensure that your promotional content is more impactful and visually stunning, capturing the attention of a larger customer base!

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