GoodView Bank Business Hall
Display Solution
GoodView electronics applies advanced digital multimedia information technology and equipment to help the banking business hall realize the networking
and digitalization of marketing and publicity carriers.
Digital signage series
In front of the door|
Large screen welcome message
Freestanding Display Series
Provide efficient and smooth service
Video Wall Series
Waiting area|
Large screen visual experience
Call screen series
Waiting area|
Large screen visual experience
Double side window poster series
Showcase a|
Brand promotion
Digital Signage PCAP Series
VIP area|
Entertainment interactive experience
Interactive Whiteboard Series
Hall marketing|
Preferred for efficient meetings
LED series
Data BI board
Value brought by the store sign cloud:
"Chamberlain" SaaS independently developed by GoodView Service, cloud hosting, efficient operation and maintenance, providing efficient and reliable digital outlet marketing experience for the financial business hall.
Terminal Equipment - Good Management
Information release - easy to operate
information safety-
Obtained the national three-level insurance certification
Active service-Zero burden
Scenario application of bank
business hall
LED wall series scene application
• Bright-by-light chromaticity correction, rich color, low brightness and high gray, vivid details, dynamic energy saving, convenient maintenance
• Realize remote control and update at any time through modern network, improve management efficiency and reduce management costs
• Apply digitalization and networking technology to improve the sense of technology and beauty of the business hall
Background data center/digital showroom
application scenario
OLED display screen scene application
• Self-illumination technology, 40% ultra-high transparency, ar effect in the dark, 120% wide color gamut, beautiful eye design, as thin as paper
• Realize remote control and update at any time through modern network, improve management efficiency and reduce management costs
• Strengthen sensory experience, add vitality to the bank, and realize high-definition, precision and diversified display of marketing advertising
Digital showroom application scenario
Window Display scene application -
double-sided window poster D series
• Original bright IPS commercial panel, extremely thin body, 700 high brightness, Android system
• Realize remote control and update at any time through modern network,
improve efficiency and reduce costs
• Replace printed posters and light boxes and promote the replacement of marketing publicity system
Business hall window application scenario
Application scenario of queuing information display of station calling machine system
Freestanding kiosk scene application
• Original IPS commercial panel, 1080x1920 resolution, 450 high brightness
• Video picture combination picture rolling play to improve audience's attention to content
• Be able to move freely and closely cooperate with the marketing
and publicity work of the business hall
VIP waiting area scene application - 4K cloud digital sign
• 4K ultra-clear, original bright IPS commercial panel, 700 high brightness, extended standby time , Android system
• Built-in store signage cloud software to achieve unified management in the cloud background, and release the latest financial product policy information in time and section
Replacing the traditional Yilapao exhibition stand, integrating scenarios such as intelligent interaction and intelligent Internet of Things in the business hall, and successfully releasing the marketing effectiveness of banks
VIP negotiation area application solution -
conference tablet series
• 20-point touch • 4K image quality • Android 11.0 •4+32G transportation and storage • Extreme writing • Wireless projection
Conference tablet application scenarios
Autonomous interaction scenario application
• 10-point capacitive touch, original IPS commercial screen, 178 degree angle of view, 450 high brightness, extended standby time , tempered glass protection
• Built-in store sign cloud, remote management of company headquarters, one-click release of national outlets, built-in rich program templates, and quick editing
• Full touch interactive operation to alleviate customer's boring waiting time and improve customer satisfaction
Waiting area/bank hall information display
application scenario
Window multi-function digital screen scene application -
highlight electronic desktop screen
• IPS commercial panel, 700 high brightness, 178 degree visual angle, bracket design
• Built-in store sign cloud, remote management, one-click release, and built-in rich templates
• Replace the counter staff card/evaluator and display the name, photo, position, service content and service slogan of the counter
Self-service banking regional information display application scenario
BI data background operation and maintenance scene application - LCD splicing screen
• IPS bright commercial panel, 1920x1080 resolution, extended standby time , anti-glare surface treatment
• Built-in store sign cloud, network information release, linkage data background, real-time update
• Background data analysis, real-time network update, resource integration, and promotion of product sales
Operation big data display
Cooperation unit