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Store digital signage management and information dissemination, simple and convenient, secure and reliable.

Provide software,hardware and product
publicity solutions in an integrated manner

The first in China - "Golden Butler" service

We provide integrated solutions for store digital signage, combining both hardware and software components.

Use the screen to light up the store

Manage the screen well and enlarge the brand marketing scene infinitely

We offer a wide range of store digital signage solutions, with a variety of categories. Through our Content Management System (CMS), you can achieve unified management, group management, and point-to-point management. Each digital signage can be customized with tailored content, allowing for easy one-click publishing.

Store Type

Application scenarios, different marketing content, one person can easily control the screen of the brand store, and the efficiency is increased by 10 times.

Based on different types of stores, we recommend different digital signage options and publish different content accordingly.

Make the store display more lively and interesting

We provide multi-screen program publishing and management, allowing your digital signage to come to life with dynamic and engaging content.

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Associated inventory product data, Instantly update product data, timely promotion.

Our digital signage seamlessly integrates into your store's style and connects with your CRM system. This integration enables automatic support for activities such as new product launches, inventory promotions, and other marketing initiatives.

Our commercial-grade digital signage supports both landscape and portrait orientations, allowing for customized content presentation according to your specific needs. It is versatile and suitable for a wide range of scenarios and environments.

The screen extends infinite space display

Unlimited expansion of product SKUs,
Open up online and offline shopping areas.

With precise touch functionality and powerful computing capabilities, our digital signage allows your store to effortlessly incorporate "cloud shelves" and expand your SKU inventory limitlessly. This enables a seamless shopping experience for your customers and facilitates efficient inventory management for your store.

With our convenient CMS management software, you can easily access and view your store's digital signage data anytime and anywhere. This software allows you to monitor the performance of your digital signage campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

Different types of stores,
Unified management of devices
release of policies

Information security is
more reliable

National Information
Security Level

Layer-by-layer encryption audit

Dynamic panel real-
time monitoring
Operational data at a

Avoid personnel misoperation
and traceability of program content

Cloud Patrol Anomaly detection and repair, active offline service

It is possible to view the screen status of all stores in real time. The cloud patrol store saves the operation and maintenance time.

Dynamic creative content,
The store will be
"beautiful" immediately
Digital stores make the experience more extremely cool

Our digital signage CMS software enables you to manage and publish content for thousands of stores, ensuring a personalized experience for each location. With our device management and content publishing capabilities, you can easily deploy content across different scenarios with just a few clicks. What you see is what you get, ensuring seamless and accurate content delivery.

Personalized digital signage display scenarios, a great tool for attracting traffic.

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