What are the key marketing points that the retail industry needs to focus on to seize the opportunities of the Spring season?

"How should the retail industry position itself in the face of economic recovery?" In the new circumstances, practitioners have raised the same question about the path forward. McKinsey's China Consumer Report provides us with the best answer to this question.

According to the McKinsey China Consumer Report, despite recent macroeconomic slowdown and increased pressure, data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the average growth of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the first nine months of 2022 was 2.0%. This indicates that the Chinese economy still demonstrates strong resilience and will continue to thrive with new trends in the consumer market in the coming year. We can also observe glimpses of these trends in the actions of numerous leading brands.


01. Brands are making further efforts in offline channels, with new stores showcasing emerging consumer trends.

In the past year, many leading brands in various industries such as Heytea, 85°C, Luxihe, Jixiang Wonton, Yonghe King, SKECHERS, Metersbonwe, Balabala, etc., have all upgraded their offline stores visually. Major categories are gradually focusing on offline channels. Through the operations of these brands, we can observe some key trends in offline stores.

1. Unlike traditional retail stores in the past, stores in the new trend pay more attention to creating a user experience.

2. All brands are leaning towards personalized and customized services to meet the diverse needs of customers.

3. Technology elements are abundant in offline stores, bringing consumers a new visual and sensory experience.

4. Store display systems vary in size, ranging from 22 inches to 98 inches, offering a diverse range of digital store hardware display devices.

In summary, these trends aim to create digital stores that showcase brand products, expand reach, and promote dynamic activities. Under these requirements, the choice of equipment becomes a key factor in store construction.


02. Goodview integrates its equipment to create a "third space" experiential scene.

The key points of digital display equipment are product technology and brand services. They ensure the easy implementation of various functions and the stable operation during use. Goodview has become the preferred choice for many brands based on these standards.

Established in 2005, Goodview is a retail display solution provider. With its excellent backend software system and comprehensive functionality, Goodview meets the digital operational needs of various categories of stores. Its screens come in multiple sizes and modes to meet the diverse and personalized display requirements of chain stores, creating a more intelligent operating space. Goodview also places great emphasis on information security, continuously updating its security systems, and obtaining a Level 3 certificate for national security information, ensuring the security of store information.


03. Goodview deeply cultivates its services to build a reputation of being "reliable and trustworthy".

Nowadays, Goodview has over 5,000 service outlets nationwide, covering 100,000 offline stores and managing millions of digital screens. It ranks third in the global commercial display market share. In 2022, its market share reached an impressive 12.4% for the entire year, making it the top choice in China's indoor digital signage industry. Goodview has become the preferred option for many brands to comprehensively deploy their offline stores.

From the renovation of traditional brands like Zhen Gongfu, Yonghe King, and Wufangzhai, to the establishment of emerging brands like  Freshippo, Luxi River, and Tims Coffee, and the technological presentation of 4S stores like NIO, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen, Goodview has spread its installation and operation services across the country, presenting a near-perfect solution to meet the unified image needs of various brand stores.

As a leading player in the industry for 13 years, Goodview has always been able to grasp market trends and provide retailers with a comprehensive solution as a retail display solution provider combining "smart hardware + internet + new media". In the new trends of the retail industry in 2023, Goodview will also create a more experiential, personalized, and technological perfect solution for major brands.

Post time: Aug-22-2023