New highlights detailed explanation | Xianvision a new generation of intelligent LED comprehensive upgrade, showing a beautifuls

To help retailers optimize management, operations and reduce costs and provide customers with more value-added services to enhance the user “third space” experience. As a retail display overall solution service provider, Goodview constantly innovates new scene application products in the retail industry, upgrades product services, and hopes to bring users a better visual experience.

Xianvision’s new generation of intelligent LED small pitch has been supplemented and improved by product parameters and services. From the technical level, it has completed the upgrading and optimization of the product, on the other hand, it has broadened the application scenario, proposed the “building block” installation, fast and convenient delivery, and improved the one-stop delivery service experience. In order to meet the diverse needs of users, the product has been adjusted and upgraded, and Shine has released more scientific and intelligent LED new products.


This time, our upgraded full range of LED products can be centralized remote control, internal firmware upgrade and real-time monitoring, so that customers can experience “good management: intelligent control software;

PC or mobile terminal can quickly and intelligently release materials, no matter where you are, you can appreciate the “easy operation” intelligent flexible release, which greatly improves efficiency;


Built-in rich templates and play programs can be arbitrarily selected, one click to apply, set the time to release, intelligent and efficient, no need to spend extra time and money to find someone to design.

In addition, the LED point spacing has different specifications such as P1.2,1.5,1.8,2.0,2.5, etc., whether it is used under a single screen or a combined screen, it is better than ever to manage and control. Intelligent splicing, intelligent split screen, screen can be freely combined. Large and small screen interaction, to meet the diversified scenarios of chain stores digital marketing applications.

The upgraded LED series effectively solves the problem of low gray inequality, purity is not true, and white balance drift, so that the displayed content presents the best display effect, clearly conveys the brand content and attracts the attention of customers.

HDR10 has better picture detail processing and higher color reproduction. The screen has a point-by-point correction function, which corrects the brightness and chroma of each light point, effectively eliminates color difference, and makes the brightness and chroma of the entire screen more uniform and consistent, improving the picture quality of retail brand advertising.

The displayed content presents the best display effect, clearly conveys the content of each brand, so that consumers in the process of watching the product as if immersive, can better understand the product information. Meet the retailer’s higher details, higher requirements, higher standards.

After the upgrade, in terms of energy saving, through environmental brightness detection and real-time image dynamic analysis algorithm, intelligent power consumption control is achieved, energy consumption is reduced and life is extended, and power consumption costs are saved in stores.

Not only that, in terms of security is also better, support dual card backup, loop backup and other forms of security, to maximize the stable operation of the display screen, without other peripherals, the machine can also self-detect in complex environments to help eliminate hidden dangers, real-time fault reporting.

In order to ensure the delivery of LED display products in retail stores and the overall display effect of LED screens at various locations, Xianxi uses pre-assembly and shipment of products, and has a dedicated project service team, which continues to reduce the comprehensive cost of customers during the service cycle of stores, cost and investment are more efficient, and meet the stable operation of retail stores during the life cycle.


Behind each iteration and release of a new product upgrade is our continuous mining and insight into user needs. In 2023, the upgrade of new products and the improvement of services will make the product line of Xianshi Company more complete and complete in the field of retail commercial display, and sincerely hope that every customer’s needs can be realized in Xianshi. Let all people who love life enjoy the beautiful experience of consuming the third space.

Post time: Feb-29-2024