Goodview’s new GUQ series has made a hot debut in the market, creating a comprehensive smart display experience in all scenarios.

In 2023, Goodview's commercial display product line receives an update, and the globally renowned high-end commercial display - Digital Signage Pro series is officially released, creating a sensation in the market. With 17 years of focus on commercial innovation and excellent display experience, Goodview has upgraded the solution application for different user scenarios. The GUQ series smart screens come in six different sizes (models: M43~98GUQ), featuring a sleek and innovative design. The smooth operating experience offers upgraded software compatibility for various scenarios. Additionally, the self-developed AI intelligent PQ algorithm ensures a true high-definition display with vibrant colors. The inclusion of frame shift technology and screen protection against burns provides a perfect visual presentation for different businesses in various settings.

The GUQ series products are mainly used in smart retail, smart office, exhibition displays, and other scenarios. They are characterized by high-definition display in complex commercial environments, smooth performance with large storage capacity, long-lasting operation, and intelligent security features. The overall operation is convenient, stable, and reliable, fully meeting the needs of enterprise managers, team collaborators, information workers, and other individuals.

Goodview's new GUQ series -1

1. High-definition commercial display, intelligent PQ adjustment.

As an integrated high-definition display and collaboration terminal, the GUQ commercial display smart screen features a "true" 4K high-definition display with high color accuracy and Delta E<1.5. Each unit undergoes color calibration during production to ensure true colors. Its advantages include anti-glare properties, preventing reflections even under strong lighting conditions, and a high haze screen that allows clear visibility of screen content from a distance of up to ten meters. The GUQ commercial display screen is equipped with a vibrant full HD wide-viewing angle IPS screen and intelligent adjustment of optimal PQ parameters, delivering vivid colors and enhanced details. It creates an immersive visual experience!

2. High-performance, quad-core processor.

The GUQ series features a powerful and composed configuration, with significant improvements and enhancements in power consumption and performance. It achieves new breakthroughs in speed and efficiency, with 4GB+32GB memory, a quad-core CPU with a clock speed of up to 1.9GHz, and 4GB of high-capacity RAM. It supports stable 7x24-hour operation, smooth operation, and incorporates intelligent pixel shifting to effectively prevent screen burn-in, static image ghosting, and screen damage. It can meet various commercial display needs.

3. Product iteration, feeding back to overseas markets.

Goodview has mature technical support and a powerful R&D team. The GUQ commercial display series, developed and innovated with great effort, has leading technology and a sleek and slim design. The bezel width of the 43/55-inch models is only 9.9mm, which is already leading in the international industry. It features gravity sensing that automatically adjusts the display orientation for horizontal or vertical mounting scenarios, eliminating the need for manual software adjustment. It is flexible, convenient, and more stable. It can automatically recognize and switch to the inserted signal source, without the need for remote control operation. According to IDC 2018 data, Goodview ranks third in the global shipment volume of electronic digital signage.

Goodview's new GUQ series -2

4. Multiple market coverage, rich product matrix.

Goodview actively leverages its R&D and supply chain advantages, backed by CVTE Vision Group, to set sail. It actively responds to the concept of Chinese brands, integrating research and development, supply chain, and branding into one reliable and trustworthy Chinese manufacturing entity. It is heading towards the world, going further and further.

5. Quality and guaranteed after-sales service.

The GUQ series commercial displays are backed by Goodview's excellent after-sales service system, providing a professional service experience that exceeds ordinary consumer-grade products. Through the commercial after-sales service hotline at 400 138 8858, we quickly respond to customer service needs, allowing customers to enjoy professional and efficient one-stop maintenance services. 

Goodview's new GUQ series -3

In the trend of intelligent transformation, Goodview Electronics, with its smarter experience, more reliable quality, and trustworthy service, will bring outstanding full-scene display experiences to more industries and customers, and contribute to the intelligent transformation.

Post time: Aug-11-2023