Goodview’s Cloud Digital Signage helps local brands thrive in offline environments

In the process of deepening market economy, brand awareness has gradually been emphasized, and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have issued the "Outline for Building a Quality Nation", providing a feasible path for the development of Chinese brands.

The "Outline" mentions that by 2025, China's brand building should make greater progress and form a large number of high-quality and competitive Chinese brands. It also proposes the action plan for creating Chinese brands, aiming to build Chinese boutique products and "century-old stores". Enterprises are encouraged to implement quality brand strategies and deepen capacity building in brand design, marketing promotion, and brand maintenance.

In order to strengthen brand building, local brands in different sectors have embarked on a path of differentiated competition, striving to attract the market with distinctive brand characteristics. The construction of offline stores has also become a key focus in this regard.

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1. Offline stores beyond the internet have become a marketing hotspot.

Among the numerous storefronts of top brands, each store's design showcases clever ideas that reflect the brand's unique personality. Whether it's creating a new force in Chinese fashion, establishing a fashion label with Chinese cultural elements, or creating new consumer scenarios and cultivating a trendy consumer atmosphere, the construction of offline stores allows consumers to immerse themselves more deeply in the brand beyond the virtual online world, forming a more adhesive brand reputation.

However, as the image of Chinese brands continues to upgrade, there is a growing demand for a sense of technology and visual integration in store design. How to achieve a more comprehensive and intelligent store display system has become a pressing issue that major brands are striving to improve. In this regard, "Goodview," a Chinese manufacturing brand specializing in commercial displays, offers a complete set of perfect solutions for "how to shape the overall store style for Chinese brands."

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2. Goodview easily meets brand demands

Facing diverse demands from different brands, Goodview, with its strong capabilities over 14 years, has provided personalized and functional scenario-based application services for many leading brands in various industries.

In the current trend of Chinese culture, "Wufangzhai," a century-old Chinese heritage brand, needs to blend traditional essence with modern expression, which requires the powerful hardware capabilities of Goodview. With 4K precision, 500nit high brightness display, color calibration within Delta E <1.5 range, and self-developed AIPO algorithm for automatic parameter adjustment, Goodview showcases the charm of Chinese fashion in store displays, delivering it to customers.

For the leading brand in the bubble tea industry, "Heytea," Goodview has created a fully digital store application system to cater to the young consumer group. This system includes cloud-based remote management, easy program publishing within the software, dynamic queue number linkage, automatic content switching, and embedded multi-catering menu templates, enabling the store to respond instantly to brand trends. Moreover, Goodview's encrypted security system has obtained the National Level 3 Security Information Certificate, ensuring that brand operations do not have to worry about information security risks.

As a rising star in domestic cosmetics, "Perfect Diary" is known for its fashion-forward image. To maximize this label, Goodview utilizes technologies such as automatic switching between horizontal and vertical displays, seamless splicing of multiple LCD screens, and dynamic presentation on large screens to achieve diverse and personalized brand displays, deepening the brand's young and fashionable image.

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The independent brand "NIO" has a strong sense of technology and brand appeal. Therefore, Goodview, through observing the consumer process, integrates advertising machines with intelligent scenes. By incorporating interactive touch operations, Goodview creates a high-quality immersive car-buying experience, further enhancing the store's marketing conversion rate.

For "Tims Coffee," Goodview focuses on customer entrances through multiple shopping routes. It integrates self-service screens, cash registers, and the ordering channel of the app into the "Cloud Signage for Stores." By updating menus and linking promotions, and connecting customers with delivery riders through order pickup screens, Goodview achieves end-to-end intelligent optimization from order placement to meal preparation. With its digital commercial display system, Goodview empowers brand efficiency.

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Since its inception, Goodview has always put the user's perspective first. Through in-depth understanding of local brands and anchored by the SaaS cloud service software "Cloud Signage for Stores," Goodview has gradually transformed from a commercial electronic display system in the retail field to a leader in comprehensive solutions and services for commercial displays in China. Goodview enables stores to achieve full digitization in value presentation, making product innovation more suitable for the changing Chinese market. This is why Goodview has become the leading player in the advertising machine market, and the wise choice for over half of China's well-known retail brands!

Post time: Aug-31-2023