Goodview has won two awards in the “Zero Intelligence Cloud Cup – 2022 China Intelligent Retail Industry Selection”

On April 18th, the award ceremony of the "Zero Intelligence Cloud Cup - 2022 China Intelligent Retail Industry Selection" was held in Chongqing. Goodview was invited to participate in this grand event along with over 200 brand enterprises from the intelligent retail industry nationwide. During the award ceremony, the winners of the "Zero Intelligence Cloud Cup - 2022 China Intelligent Retail Industry Selection" were announced, and Goodview won two awards: "Top 10 IT Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in China's Intelligent Retail Industry in 2022" and "Outstanding Design Award in China's Intelligent Retail Industry in 2022", thanks to its industry-leading digital solutions.

The "Zero Intelligence Cloud Cup - China Intelligent Retail Industry Excellence Awards" has been successfully held for six sessions. It has long been committed to selecting exemplary forces in the retail intelligent industry and has become a prestigious industry award actively competed for each year in the field of retail intelligent informationization. Winning two awards in the "Zero Intelligence Cloud Cup" is a recognition of Goodview's innovative and continuous research and development efforts, as well as an affirmation of the brand's product technology strength.

Goodview cloud

During the event, Goodview Cloud won the Outstanding Design Award due to the widespread favor of its intelligent solution's scenario application by many retail brands. The attendees witnessed the innovative achievements of Goodview in retail digitalization together.

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1. Efficient Terminal Management

Goodview Cloud allows for the establishment of a network cloud transmission channel with all the brand's stores. It enables real-time uploading of promotional content and one-click publishing to all store screens, ensuring high efficiency without delays.

2. Easy Operation for Publishing

Goodview Cloud supports quick categorization and grouping of stores by store staff. When necessary, strategic publishing can be done through tags for quick targeting and distribution.

3. High Integration Efficiency

Goodview Cloud enables real-time interconnection between the backend and thousands of store signage data. It provides one-stop remote transmission and updates, simplifying management processes and improving work efficiency.

4. Enhanced Security and Reliability

Goodview Cloud system is certified with "National Information System Security Level Protection Certification - Level 3 System Security." It ensures encryption at every level, from the cloud to the devices, eliminating the risk of leakage and attacks and guaranteeing secure information transmission. Program uploads, storage, and distribution are encrypted to ensure traceability and reduce security risks.

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5. Zero Burden Service

Goodview Cloud supports cloud store patrols, allowing easy management of hundreds of stores with one person. It provides real-time monitoring of device operation status and data, proactive detection of anomalies, and automatic reporting of alerts. It also enables the configuration of corresponding offline services to quickly resolve store issues and improve operational efficiency.

6. Strong Promotion and Traffic Attraction

Goodview Cloud comes with a rich library of templates. Partner brands can enjoy flexible marketing strategies, and all templates can be visually edited in the backend. Stores can easily select templates that match their store style, change images, modify information, and prices with just one click, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In addition to the above, Goodview also provides personalized service packages for operating the Store Signage Cloud platform, overall solution design, system operation services, content production services, and 24/7 after-sales service. These services cater to the diverse needs of various application scenarios. Retailers can choose different SaaS cloud services based on their specific requirements.

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This industry recognition is a commendation for Goodviews unwavering commitment, hard work, and perseverance. It is also a validation and encouragement for Goodview. In the future, Goodview will continue to resonate with the industry, dedicating itself to empowering the retail industry with digital intelligence. Through innovative products and comprehensive solutions, Goodview will deeply integrate technology and data, driving the digitalization and intelligent upgrade of offline retail. It will bring more surprises to retailers, create reliable product quality, and provide comprehensive services that users can trust.

Post time: Aug-31-2023