Focusing on the global demand for new economic cycle of commercial displays and empowering user value to leap, Goodview made an appearance at the InfoComm USA 2023 exhibition.

In the post-pandemic era, global brands are gradually starting their recovery processes, and many brands are starting to focus on expanding their offline markets. However, due to various factors, global brand stores’ offline expansion both face severe challenges. A series of unresolved problems have become “bottlenecks” hindering enterprise growth, such as:

- How to highlight brand characteristics and create brand memories in intense market competition?

- How to create personalized experiential spaces in homogenized services and provide consumers with impressive repurchase desire?

- How to stand out in a uniform brand presentation and achieve strong drainage effects?

- How to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the context of continuously rising labor costs?

- How to efficiently adapt to the diversified and experiential consumer demands of users with more character and texture under the wave of consumption upgrades?

There is no unified standard answer to these questions. However, Goodview,the Chinese commercial display leading brand under the CVTE Group, recently brought a feasible and intelligent commercial display solution that impressed many clients at the 2023 US International Professional Audiovisual Products and Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as InfoComm USA 2023).

Walking into the characteristic exhibition hall built by Goodview at InfoComm USA 2023, there is a highly authentic coffee culture atmosphere and a clothing brand store that is familiar and novel. Different commercial models with brightness ranging from 700cd/㎡ to 3500cd/㎡ have a stunning color performance that attracts attention 24/7. Real-time information such as new arrivals, hot sales, and promotional packages are persistently released through visually impactful presentation methods. The grand presentation of a thousand stores mix with the respective presentation of a thousand faces are seamlessly integrated through innovative applications. Goodview’s digital signage pro series, GUQ series, facilitate perfect expression of ultra-broad color gamut and realistic images. The stylish and textured electronic frames with original anti-glare fog screens give vivid presentations of diverse creative design content in all directions and firmly grasp the attention of consumers. They create an “anchor” in complex and dazzling field environments and demonstrate the vast value that Goodview could provide for offline brands. Goodview ‘s exhibition performance at this industry event, which attracts over 40,000 professional brand clients worldwide, has won widespread acclaim.

These rich, diverse, and highly impactful audiovisual presentations open up the “ceiling” of brand image building and flow promotion, and the surprises that Goodview brings to brand users are far more than that.

At this year’s InfoComm USA 2023, Goodview also unveiled its upgraded “Store Signage Cloud” service. Based on “intelligent hardware +Internet+SaaS”, this service not only greatly expands the traditional brand store retail information presentation level but also makes backend system management more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Through this one-stop retail display solution system service, the management of brand store information exhibition is made as simple as posting on social media, which not only greatly improves management efficiency but also provides answers to store efficiency and effectiveness problem,empower digital management’s value to a new level.

As one of the commercial display leading brands with the third-high global digital sign market shipment volume after Samsung and LG and the top-ranking in the Chinese market (according to IDC Q2 2018 data), Goodview has been focusing on the commercial display field with the core of high-end image display, processing technology, and digital information for eighteen years. It has independently developed a series of innovative products that adapt to the deep needs of brand clients and has gained widespread recognition from international brand clients such as KFC. The stunning performance that Goodview brought at the world’s largest and most influential top professional audiovisual display technology industry event once again demonstrated its strong product comprehensive competitiveness on the global smart commercial display track.

Providing “reliable and trustworthy” intelligent commercial display solutions to users has been Goodview’s consistent goal. The product performance that surpasses users’ expectations at this exhibition not only solves many long-term operational shortcomings in brand store management but also provides a feasible path for brand cost reduction and efficiency increase in the era of digitalization. In the future, the smart commercial display solution provider Goodview , which has achieved commendable results in both word of mouth and credibility, will continue to make forward-looking efforts to address the diversified challenges of commercial displays in various industries, bring more valuable solutions to users, and cooperate with global partners to let Chinese brands sail confidently with “Made in China” innovative standards.

Post time: Jun-21-2023