“Focusing on Goodview, shining in the spotlight,” the MxxGUQ cloud digital signage has arrived!

Recently, Goodview has released its new product, the MxxGUQ cloud digital signage, along with its features and functionalities. With a focus on innovation, the product aims to unlock new possibilities for commercial displays and enhance personalized consumer experiences.

Through continuous product updates and outstanding technology, we help users create customized experiences. This year, living up to expectations, Goodview continues to explore and innovate, tirelessly strivng to enhance the quality of digital signage through cloud-based intelligence. We look forward to providing retailers with more simplified choices.

As a well-known provider and brand of commercial display devices, Goodview understands the importance of digital signage in the industry. While continuing to improve its own product line, Goodview has launched the MxxGUQ cloud digital signage to meet the demands of various application scenarios and provide industry customers with more options.

Let's take a look at the value of the MxxGUQ series together, shall we?

MxxGUQ cloud digital signage-1

1. Upgraded configuration for stable output:

The system configuration has been significantly improved, with the latest compatibility and stability upgrades, resulting in a performance increase of more than 5 times. This helps retailers maintain stable output, easily cope with seasonal updates and marketing campaigns, and perform exceptionally well with confidence.

2. High image quality for strong attraction: 

The upgraded display is more vibrant, with high color accuracy that provides a cinematic feel. Intelligent PQ adjustment restores true colors and intelligently adjusts PQ parameters for grass, sky, forests, buildings, and more, making the visuals and content clearer and more realistic. Even from a distance of ten meters, store content can be accurately obtained, allowing consumers to prioritize choosing the store for their purchases. This model also incorporates frame shift technology, effectively preventing static image retention and burn-in on the store screen, ensuring reliable and stable operation without the worry of crashes.

MxxGUQ cloud digital signage-2

3. High craftsmanship to enhance store image: 

The ultra-narrow bezel defines a new fashionable form, enhancing the store's image. The flexible screen splicing is not affected by space design and seamlessly integrates the display screen with the spatial environment. Wall-mounted installation is also not hindered by remote control obstruction. It can be flexibly turned on or off based on different scenarios, and can adapt to both horizontal and vertical orientations, making it stand out even in visually appealing stores.

MxxGUQ cloud digital signage-3

4. Saas cloud service for centralized management and publishing: 

SaaS cloud service OTA intelligent upgrades improve work efficiency from order taking to meal delivery, ensuring that every data change adds value. Different types of stores and device configurations can be managed and published with unified strategies, with terminal management completed in just one click. With the ability to remotely manage and intelligently control thousands of stores, it offers smart and centralized control.

5. Information protection and intelligent security: 

Conventional digital signage requires signal source debugging and channel selection after startup, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Goodview's digital signage starts up automatically with channel memory, saving time and effort, and providing intelligent and efficient performance to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Information security is further enhanced with features such as remote control lock, keyboard lock, and USB recognition switch, which are operated by the system administrator, effectively preventing information leakage and malicious intrusion. 

Post time: Aug-22-2023