Empowering the retail scene with new experiences, envisioning the future, Goodview Chinashop2023 successfully concluded.

The three-day annual event of the Chinese retail industry, Chinashop 2023, came to a close at the Chongqing International Expo Center. At this exhibition, Goodview showcased its theme of "Smart Retail" and presented the latest generation of comprehensive retail solutions and industry-leading intelligent cloud digital signage powered by big data. Goodview received high recognition from numerous partners and attendees.

Driven by digitalization, the new retail ecosystem is undergoing a reconstruction, with accelerated development of high-efficiency and high-quality retail. As a leader in comprehensive solutions and services for commercial displays in retail stores, Goodview arrived at the exhibition with a range of products, showcasing its new retail digitalization solutions and application scenarios. This sparked curiosity among the attending audience.

At the exhibition, Goodview set up multiple smart commercial product experience areas, including the Golden Butler Service Experience Center and the Intelligent LED Integrated Solution, at booth N7023 in Hall N7. Waves of enthusiastic visitors came to experience and negotiate, creating a lively atmosphere on-site.

Goodview showcased immersive scene experiences and one-stop digital solutions and services for the new retail industry, using intelligent scenes powered by smart commercial displays. Additionally, customized products and service solutions were provided to meet the different needs of various industries and scenarios.

retail scene-1

Immersive scene experience

Marketing scene:

Goodview showcased the charm of smart retail through the use of commercial display screens and built-in software, such as cloud information publishing for store signage.

01 GUQ Series Cloud Digital Signage

It provides software adaptation and application upgrades for multiple scenarios. With the self-developed AI intelligent PQ algorithm, it delivers true high-definition display colors for a comfortable visual experience. The system also incorporates frame drift technology to protect the screen and ensure perfect visual display in various business scenarios.

02 FUH Series Electronic Menu Boards

Combined with Store Signage Cloud, it centralizes and manages information and updates, such as menus, promotions, and new items, in just a few minutes, improving operational efficiency. Through dynamic presentation, it extends brand content output and assists businesses in creating the best marketing tool for popular products.

The creation of precise marketing scenes reduces the waste of advertising resources, effectively understands consumer psychology, improves advertising conversion rates, and enhances consumer trust. The on-site exhibition received unanimous praise and feedback from numerous partners.

retail scene-2

Service scene

With the changes in the times and the needs of stores, the retail industry is undergoing a faster reshuffling, and store marketing requires more outstanding presentation methods. Goodview Cloud, including SaaS software services and OaaS operational services, has emerged. By offering more powerful, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, it meets the diverse application needs of various industries and empowers retailers for a comprehensive digital upgrade!

Goodview's intelligent wayfinding system appeared in the "Digital Signage" exhibition area with multiple design schemes, integrating capabilities such as information publishing, queue management, and guidance, providing consumers with all-round convenient services. Intelligent service scenes replace the cumbersome and error-prone traditional manual services, empowering the retail industry with a brand-new consumer experience.

In addition to showcasing a range of hardware products and solutions, Goodview hosted the "Goodview Cloud: Empowering Retail Store Digital Transformation and Upgrade" new product release and exchange meeting during the exhibition. At the event, guests from the retail industry and partners witnessed another innovative achievement from Goodview, opening up a new vision for digital retail!

retail scene-3

Based on cloud service technology, Goodview uses digital screens as a presentation medium to create a closed-loop application for marketing scenes in retail centers, which is completely different from traditional marketing. At the exhibition, Goodview demonstrated and simulated store marketing scenes, creating a one-stop experience from customer acquisition to placing orders, attracting strong attention from the audience who came to inquire, and industry professionals exclaimed, "Interesting!" This highlights the strong attractiveness of Goodview's products.

As a provider of comprehensive retail solutions, Goodview will continue to prioritize innovation and build a more complete smart retail solution. Actively exploring more possibilities for the development of the retail industry's business models, empowering the retail industry's economy, and bringing more benefits to physical businesses.

Post time: Sep-14-2023