Under heavy pressure, there is no fear of “color” | Goodview officially joins TAG Heuer, a subsidiary of the LVMH group


Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has been known as the Swiss model of avant-garde precision watchmaking, belonging to the world’s largest luxury group – LVMH, and is the world’s top five luxury watch sales watch brand.

Over the past 160 years, TAG Heuer’s spirit of challenging itself and striving for excellence has not only been created in many world firsts, but has also been perfectly reflected in its boutiques. Recently, TAG Heuer cooperated with Shanghai Xianshi Electronics to complete the digital upgrade of the store display of Hangzhou MixC boutique, opening the era of technology management.


TAG Heuer Hangzhou MixC boutique reopened

During the cooperation, in the face of the most stringent requirements of luxury brands for details, Xianshi Electronics calmly coped, and its professional level was unanimously affirmed by customers. “We chose to use Goodview digital signage because it is a rapidly evolving content-driven channel that allows us to promote our products in a more creative, agile and inspiring way than traditional print signage,” said TAG Heuer.


In the elegant TAG Heuer boutique, the high-definition display full of technology is 100% color reproduction, which continues the color style of Montreal and the highlight of Carrera on the colorful and flexible screen, which is a new interpretation of “no fear of color under pressure”.

Goodview commercial display screen with professional driver chip and bright color separation technology makes the picture without color bias and distortion; IPS commercial LCD panel makes the picture quality of the display screen more delicate and the color more colorful; Goodview’s self-developed color adjustment DCPI technology accurately collects screen data to ensure the consistency of color brightness output.


Goodview not only provides professional commercial displays, but also equips GTV multimedia information release system in terms of software technology, which realizes the network management of all display devices in the store, publishes all kinds of video and picture content with one click, and can ensure the synchronous playback of all displays, which is more convenient for brand use and management.


Shanghai Goodview brand has been working in the field of clothing chain and cosmetics for many years, and has reached strategic cooperation with a number of international first-line brands, continuously providing customers with stable and reliable commercial display products and high-quality services, and won unanimous praise from customers.

The strategic cooperation between Goodview and TAG Heuer once again demonstrates the strong corporate strength and advanced technology of Goodview Electronics. As the world’s leading commercial display brand, Xianshi Electronics will continue to actively explore the needs of various industries, strive to solve the difficulties of upgrading and development of various industries, and provide more humanized services.

Goodview digital display solutions

Xianshi Electronics applies advanced digital multimedia information technology and equipment to help retail, catering, transportation systems, banks, governments and enterprises and other industries realize the networking and digitalization of brand promotion.

In terms of hardware, the use of high-definition screens for publicity, marketing and announcements, etc., to give visitors a strong visual impact and innovative effect of the experience, is an emerging “digital communication port”, but also the first choice for businesses from all walks of life to display their products. In terms of software, the groundbreaking Goodview GTV multimedia information distribution system can control all equipment in one system, centralized management at headquarters, and help users promote their brands more efficiently.


Goodview digital signage products are divided into different models according to different occasions and different functions of their applications in order to meet the needs of different consumer groups. Mobile electronic water brand PF series can be used at the door to strengthen the attraction to customers with realistic high-definition digital content; In the window area, the double-sided screen DH series is selected to carry out brand promotion through double-sided simultaneous display or double-sided different display, replace printed posters and light box pieces, and expand its own brand publicity capabilities; In the waiting area, the digital signage M**SA series is selected to regularly broadcast brand information, queuing and calling, new product listing information, etc.; Floor-standing digital poster screen L series is selected in the store or hall to facilitate consumers’ self-service inquiry and quick shopping.


About Fairview Electronics
With excellent quality, excellent service and continuously improving R&D capabilities, Xianshi Electronics has always been the largest equipment supplier of the world’s largest elevator media provider “Focus Media”. In 2018, it developed and manufactured more than 80,<> elevator IoT advertising machines for Focus Media, helping Focus Media build the world’s largest “digital signage” network.
In the global digital signage market, Xianshi Electronics’ shipments in the second quarter of 2018 ranked third in the world (according to IDC data), second only to Samsung and LG. In the domestic market, Xianshi Electronics has ranked first in national sales in the digital signage market for 11 consecutive years (according to the statistics of Ovi Consulting data).

Post time: May-10-2023