Soft and hard, Goodview digital signage achieves the highlight of the trendy store!

The past 2019 is a year of rapid change, and a more complex economic environment has accelerated the continuous development of enterprises in the direction of intelligence, digitalization, branding, and industrialization. While widely serving various industries and scenarios in society, commercial display products also promote the innovation process of enterprises.

For offline clothing stores, in order to get more in-store traffic, in addition to their own brand value, store location and other factors, the store style layout also affects the size of customer traffic, and store sales will also increase proportionally.

Taking a branch of the Adidas brand store as an example, Xianshi Electronics tells you how digital signage will play a powerful role in the store.

As a global chain store, Adidas stores used to use traditional methods such as KT boards, roll-up banners, banners, and light boxes to promote and display materials about brands and products from headquarters, but it was too rigid and single content presentation to attract users’ attention.

Based on this, through the cloud management of Goodview GTV information release system, Xianshi supports remote monitoring and management of multi-terminal status and content scheduling, which is convenient for Adidas stores to release and adjust product videos, new product information, promotional activities, endorsement advertisements and other materials in real time, giving stores a more flexible and convenient playback method, unifying brand image and saving store management costs.

In the past, before customers considered whether to enter a store, they usually saw the overall style of the store, and then the clothing style, if the store has a “bright spot” that can attract their attention, customers are naturally willing to enter the store.

Considering that digital signage is mainly used in Adidas stores to play a public display and “eye-catching” role in customer acquisition, Goodview chose the Goodview 4.1mm ultra-narrow edge splicing screen with 7K HD resolution, which can achieve almost “seamless” splicing, so that the splicing picture is integrated and wonderfully presented; In addition, the new generation of M**SAP series cloud digital signage advertising player is also selected, which adopts 450cd/㎡ high-brightness IPS commercial screen, which can meet the high degree of color restoration in different lighting environments, the picture is vivid and delicate, can accurately display every detail, bring realistic display effects, create a good viewing experience, and further attract pedestrians to enter the store.

Since it is necessary to obtain customer drainage, the picture presentation of digital signage cannot be too dull, traditional, and must have a certain degree of interest or change, so as to fiercely “catch” the user’s attention.

According to the actual environmental layout and needs of Adidas stores, Goodview adopts 3*3 splicing form to install LCD splicing screens in the checkout area, and cloud digital signage advertising players in horizontal and vertical screens in the clothing area, with intelligent split-screen function, effectively realizing multi-form split-screen content presentation, so that pictures/videos/music and other content can be played at the same time, further improving the attention of users in the store.

In addition, different from TV products, Goodview 1.7mm splicing screen all-steel backplane, durable, good heat dissipation, anti-strong interference, longer service life to adapt to a variety of working environments that need to be turned on for a long time, support 7*24H*365 days of uninterrupted work all year round, to meet all the needs of commercial places.

In addition to “attracting attention” and attracting customers for supermarket clothing stores, Goodview smart digital signage is also widely used in hotels, catering, cinemas, finance, medical care, education and other industries, according to the needs of customers in various industries, to tailor customized professional display solutions!

Post time: May-10-2023