​ Goodview, together with its “Electronic Menu Board Series Products,” made a stunning appearance at the Narrow Door Tasting Event.

 The 5th offline tasting salon of Narrow Door Supply Chain, focusing on the coffee and tea supply chain, was successfully held and concluded in Shanghai. This event brought together various stakeholders in the coffee and tea industry, including the upstream supply chain, leading chain brands, and retail store display solutions. Service providers from both the supply and demand sides gathered together to efficiently exchange ideas and find comprehensive solutions for the coffee and tea industry. In order to help coffee and tea brands overcome the challenges of digital transformation and innovation in their stores, Goodview showcased its "Electronic Menu Board" series products at the event. These products provide cost-effective display devices and personalized menu presentation for brands, showcasing popular menu marketing activities. Additionally, the tasting salon featured many leading chain brands in the coffee and tea industry. During the offline tasting salon, journalists from Narrow Door Supply Chain and industry representatives from Goodview had face-to-face conversations. Let's explore the details based on the timeline below! New Product - High-brightness Desktop Display Goodview is a leading brand in the digital signage industry. 

Electronic Menu Board Series-1

Invited to participate in this professional tasting salon event, Goodview showcased its "Electronic Menu Board" series products. These products feature commercial LCD panels with high brightness and high-fidelity display, allowing coffee and tea shops to showcase their delicious offerings visibly. With support for over 12 hours of store operation, thanks to their commercial industrial design, these products can be adapted to different store layouts, whether horizontal, vertical, or suspended. The event included live demonstrations and discussions on the application features of cloud signage solutions. Through product tasting and demonstrations of store signage cloud SaaS services, Goodview efficiently connected with partners and achieved mutually beneficial cooperation, driving progress together. Good markets require a captivating opening, and high revenue requires efficient and outstanding "helpers" to assist stores in reducing costs and increasing efficiency! "Digital signage is a must-have for bubble tea shops and coffee shops, and now stores are moving towards digital innovation. Electronic menu boards allow brands to showcase their products and prices, making it easier for store staff and providing consumers with a more intuitive understanding of the products. The menu no longer needs to be manually switched by staff, and the TV startup screen is a thing of the past, greatly improving store efficiency." "Different series of signage have different functions and serve different purposes in stores. 

Electronic Menu Board Series-2

The digital signage at the top of the store is responsible for promoting new products and creating popular items. With various types of stores and different prices for products, the headquarters can easily manage them through the cloud. Intelligent electronic menu boards can achieve dynamic call number linkage, random menu changes, visual upgrades for store brands, and instant customer acquisition and accelerated dissemination of products." In more and more catering establishments, the presence of Goodview's electronic menu board series can be seen. We also had discussions and exchanges with tea and coffee chain brands from all over the country at the tasting salon. 

Electronic Menu Board Series-3

 Every visitor praised and recognized Goodview's products. The brand representatives at the event had direct conversations with the original manufacturers, benefiting each other. In the face of the rapidly changing market, if you want to bring new ideas to store marketing and solve revenue-related challenges, take action and contact Goodview at any time! Goodview, as a comprehensive solution provider for retail displays, offers a one-stop marketing solution to help stores increase revenue. 

Post time: Sep-14-2023